Oxymax COS61



E+H余氯测量变送器 Liquisys CCM223

E+H溶解氧传感器Oxymax COS61是高性能的溶解氧传感器,提供快速、精确和无漂移测量。具有低维护量、高适用性和简单操作等特点。传感器长期稳定荧光层具有氧选择性(无干扰),确保始终可靠测量.

E+H溶解氧传感器Oxymax COS61优势

  • 最小维护需求,最大适用性

  • 传感器内储存标定参数

  • 长维护间隔时间和高长期稳定性

  • 智能自监控确保可靠测量值

  • 无需流量:可以在静水中测量

  • 可以便捷地将测量点更改为荧光法技术,与COS31和COS41兼容


E+H溶解氧传感器Oxymax COS61技术参数:

测量原理 Sensor Oxygen
Application Aeration tank, river monitoring, water treatment, fish farming.
Characteristic Digital, optical (luminescence) dissolved oxygen measurement.
No flow needed - measurement possible in still water.
Measurement range 0mg/l ... 20mg/l
0%SAT ... 200%SAT
0 ... 400hPa
Measuring principle Oxygen-sensitive molecules (marker) are integrated in an optical active layer (fluorescence layer). The fluorescence layer surface is in contact with the medium. The sensor optics are directed at the back of the fluorescence layer. The sensor optics transmit green light pulses to the fluorescence layer. The markers respond (fluoresce) with red light pulses. The duration and intensity of the response signals depend directly on the oxygen contents or partial pressure.
Design - Calibration data saved in sensor.
High degree of EMC protection.
Material Sensor body : stainless steel 1.4571Membrane cap : POM
Dimension Diameter : 40mm 
(1.56inch)Length : 220mm 
Process temperature -5°C ... 60°C 
( 23 - 140°F)
Process pressure max. 10bar 
temperature sensor NTC temperature sensor, 0 to 50°C 
(32 - 122°F)
Connection Process connection: G1" thread
Cable connection : fixed cable or TOP68 plug-in-head.